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Our Wholefoods Journey - How we got here.

Posted by Kacey O'Callaghan on

Hello Wholefoodies,

Welcome to my blog. I have contemplated starting this for years and always talked myself out of it – my writing isn’t up to scratch, nobody will want to read about our lives and interests, I don’t want to offend anyone, I don’t have time etc etc.

After over 2 years of being a part time stay-at-home mum, part time business owner I have decided to take the risk and follow my passions. I think it is through having difficult times in the business I have thought about why I started this in the first place and where I wanted it to go. I realised that I became so stressed about the financial side of things that I lost focus of what my initial intentions were, and so I want to bring it back there and start connecting with our customers again. The absolute, number 1, best thing about owning this business is creating a community, making lasting friendships and interacting and learning about each of you and your own stories and journeys. Taking a step back from the business to raise our children has left me doing a lot of paperwork, sitting behind a screen and losing touch with you all.

I started this business because I was and am PASSIONATE about health, wellness, organics and community. I really wanted to share what I had learned about food through my own experiences and interactions with people, and wanted to bring the highest quality organic produce to our community.

So we have been running this business, close to 5 years now. That sounds a little surreal actually, in 2013 I don’t think I would’ve said this is where I would be in 5 years time. In 2013, both Jerry and I were at uni in Bendigo running our business from our very small unit, where we would first sell nuts, grains, seeds and personally deliver them to our friends and family, this quickly grew to include fresh organic produce and when the business outgrew our home we opened shop, back in our home town, Wangaratta. I always had my heart set on our current location, in Baker Street. I envisioned a Wholefoods store in a large premises, because I knew people truly cared about their health and wellness and I knew Wangaratta would be able to support it. The shop was unavailable at the time, and we found another store in Ford Street which served us well until our lease was up and with perfect timing, Baker Street became vacant and up for lease. It was a huge risk but I do like to live life in the fast lane, so we decided to go for it. So from humble beginnings in our garage in Bendigo, to where we are today, I wanted to reignite the passion and commitment that we have for health, wellness, organics and community.

I’d love to keep writing and sharing bits and pieces over time, and I also would really love to hear more about each of you; your families, your journeys, please don’t be afraid to share your experiences – I would love to know what brought you here. I have so much more to learn.

- Kacey

<< our one car garage that my Dad converted to a warehouse for us in October 2013.

 << Feb 2014. Jerry and I after one of our delivery runs (we used to start the day at 3am) to get from Bendigo to Wangaratta and deliver the orders before customers would leave for work in the morning. 

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