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What's in the box?!? 1st - 2nd May

Posted by Jerry O'Callaghan on

This week's boxes will contain a selection of:

Organic Broccoli
Organic Beans
Organic Zucchini
Organic Cauli
Organic Sweet Corn
Organic Mushrooms
Organic Sweet Potato
Organic Potato
Organic Brown Onion
Organic Butternut Pumpkin
Organic Carrots
Organic Leafy Greens

Organic Bananas
Organic Grapes
Organic Rockmelon
Organic Watermelon
Organic Nashi
Organic Pears
Organic Apples
Organic Oranges
Organic Persimmon


Each box contains between 5-10% extra value for money (for example, $100 box contains between $105-$110 worth of produce)

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