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Meat Free Monday: Rainbow Salad with Satay Dressing

Posted by Lauren Morton on

This week's meat free Monday recipe is making use of some of our fabulous fresh box inclusions like carrots, zucchini and leafy greens.

Honestly, if your family is anything likes ours, serve this rainbow salad with satay dressing and it will be gone within minutes! Check out the full recipe below:

- Half a organic wombok
- 1 organic beetroot
- 2 organic carrots
- 1 organic zucchini
- Organic spring onion for garnish
- 1 can of organic coconut cream
- 2 tablespoons of organic peanut butter
- 1 tablespoon of tamari
- 1 tablespoon of nutritional yeast
- A sprinkle of Herbamare
- Juice of 1 organic lime
- A dash of organic maple syrup (to taste) 
- Shred your wombok and place into a big salad bowl. 
- Julienne your beetroot, carrot and zucchini. Place into your salad bowl. Set aside. 
- Now time for the dressing. In an old jar, place coconut cream, peanut butter, tamari, nutritional yeast, Herbamare, lime juice & maple syrup. Shake the jar until all combined.
- Mix your salad ingredients together and then dress with satay dressing. 
- Garnish with spring onion. 

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