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Soy Milk 1L - Bonsoy

Soy Milk 1L - Bonsoy

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At Bonsoy, we use a secret time-honoured practice to extract the best goodness out of the finest quality beans etc. bringing you a superior quality soy milk with a taste to match. We know you love it… heres why:

We choose a select variey of organic Golden soybeans coupled with superior manufacture techniques give this a high protein level for people wishing to increase their protein intake from a vegetable source

This high protein level is great for staying satisfied for the heath conscious especially after a strenuous workout to help repair tired muscles.

Most importantly, our method gives the best taste and texture.
Enjoy drinking a smooth silky glass of Bonsoy straight from the fridge.
What a joy?…no matter what your stage in life.


But if you love a soy latte, you have to make it Bonsoy!

Not only does it taste great in coffee, but ‘stretches’ like regular cowsmilk giving you that delicious frothy top we know you love.
No wonder good Baristas everywhere prefer it.