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Dill Superkraut 680g - Peace, Love & Vegetables

Dill Superkraut 680g - Peace, Love & Vegetables

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The very first product to grace the Peace, Love and Vegetables company was our Dill Superkraut. A little more traditional in its nature, the dill kraut is a gentle yet flavorsome combination of cabbage, dill and caraway seeds, offering a kraut that is high in calcium, iron, vitamins, magnesium and antioxidants. The Gynostemma Tea is a powerful adaptogen, meaning that it has the power to prevent imbalances in the body that can result from stress and lead to illness or disease. The probiotic culture assists by nourishing the body with friendly bacteria, easing digestive stress and warding off an invasion of harmful bacteria.
The dill kraut is a perfect introduction to fermented foods as it is gentle in taste and the most traditional of the range. It pairs well with any meal be it vegetables, salad, seafood or as a topping on gluten free bread or crackers. It is delicious mixed through scrambled eggs or along side avocado. It is even mild enough to enjoy by the spoonful to activate your digestive system prior to eating a meal!