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Thriving Protein Exotic Vanilla 450g - NutraOrganics

Thriving Protein Exotic Vanilla 450g - NutraOrganics

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At Nutra Organics we believe every person has the right to THRIVE! Enter Thriving Protein - a wholefood powder built from organic, quality, nutritious, vegan ingredients that promotes growth & energy.

  • Safe for ages 12 months and up 
  • Made from wholefoods
  • Essential amino acids
  • Bio-fermented pre and probiotics
  • Sprouted brown rice and pea protein
  • Easily digestible and gut friendly
  • Certified Organic 

Ingredients: Organic Sprouted & Fermented Golden Pea Protein* (82% Pre-Digested Cultured Protein Isolate), Organic Whole Brown Rice Protein Isolate*, Organic Whole Brown Rice Milk Powder*, Organic Coconut Crunch*, Flax Seed Powder*, Chia Seed powder, Apple Pectin, Natural Vanilla Extract, Thaumatin (Sweetener), Fermented Sprout Blend (Mung Bean Sprout*, Brown Rice Sprout*, Red Lentil Sprout*, Chick Pea Sprout*, Linseed/Flax Sprout*, Alfalfa Seed Sprout*, Millet Sprout*, Quinoa Sprout*, Chia Sprout*) - Molasses added for the fermentation process, Organic Curry*, Guava, Lemon, Amla, Holy Basil extracts, Organic Natural Sea Mineral Complex (Calcium, Magnesium, 74 Trace Minerals), High Vitamin D Mushroom Powder.